Now Is The Right Time To Get The Advantage

In times of economic change, competition increases and higher education institutions and employers seek individuals with the best credentials and skills. A degree from an overseas, English-speaking university can be a big advantage. Plus, international experience is highly valued by employers of multinational companies and firms that do business all around the world.

Deciding Where To Study

By studying abroad, you expand your choices to include the world's top higher education institutions, as well as the opportunity to take courses you may not find anywhere else. You will also have a chance to experience new languages, cultures and lifestyles.

Studying Abroad Is Life-Changing

  • A 50-year study of 3,400 students shows that "studying abroad is usually a defining moment in a young person's life and continues to impact the participant's life for years after the experience."
  • 82% said that "they acquired skill sets that influenced their career path."
  • 70% stated that "it ignited an interest in a career direction that they pursued after the experience."

Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

A study by the Australian government showed:

  • Many employers state that having studied abroad helps job candidates stand out.2
  • Employers view studying abroad as evidence of the ability to adapt to new environments.
  • It demonstrates exposure to new ideas, philosophies and cultures.

Some Benefits Of Studying Abroad

  • An International Masters program lasts between 12 - 16 months.
  • You are encouraged to take responsibility for your studies.
  • Gives you a chance to meet students from all over the world thus giving you an exposure to varied customs & cultures.
  • You are allowed to work 20 hrs per week part- time and 40 hrs during holidays.
  • Stay back opportunities

Who Can Apply?

Students who have completed 10 + 2 or Diploma or equivalent programs can apply for the Bachelors or Equivalent programs. Students who have completed Bachelors level can opt for the Masters Degree or equivalent programs.

Application Requirements

  • College application form (available with us)
  • Students resume
  • Students passport size photograph
  • 2 Academic recommendation letters
  • Statement Of Purpose.
  • Mark sheets (school and college, all attested)
  • Passport

Important Points

When you have made up your mind to study Abroad, preparations should begin early. Good universities have limited seats and they are open to students all over the world. Therefore, Take the following precautions to avoid disappointments. Apply early for admissions

  • Prepare and take the qualifying tests (like IELTS) well in advance
  • Provide for ample funds to cover fees and expenses
  • Be proficient in English language

A Wide Range Of Courses In All Branches Of Study Is Available For Eligible Students, At Various Levels.

  • Management (all branches)
  • Engineering (all branches)
  • Medicine (all branches)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing
  • Computer Science / IT
  • Pilot Training
  • Law
  • Hotel Management
  • Applied scienceBiotechnology / Microbiology Bio-informaticsDesign
  • Interior / Fashion Accounting / FinanceArts / Humanities Mass
  • CommunicationsTelecommunications, Etc And many many more...

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