• Individual attention to applications, highlighting the essential areas for a well presented error free application.
  • Guidance in getting strong 'References' and for preparing 'Statement of purpose' to make the right impact.
  • Choosing the Course & Universities, applying for admissions & related formalities.
  • Assistance in document & follow up.
  • Expert coaching and assistance in test registration for IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, SAT and GMAT
  • FREE TEST Score Reporting services for applying to the Universities in the USA
  • Regular visits by our University & Business associates to meet the candidates.
  • Conducting Education Abroad Fairs in Trichy at regular intervals.
  • U2CAN Club Meeting ľAn exclusive club of parents & students who are currently processing through us meet once a month to interact and exchange ideas.
  • Monthly Newsletter that contains all the information on the happenings of U2CAN in that particular month [visit www.trichyplus.com, U2CAN section to read our Newsletters]
  • Scholarships are available mostly for postgraduate study and for research.
  • In many Universities, Scholarships are granted for early applications, so the applicant has to plan and apply at the earliest.
  • In USA Scholarships are granted on the basis of your higher score in GRE or GMAT
  • Filling up applications and preparing financial statements.
  • Guidance and training for VISA interviews.
  • We are regularly advised by the Experts about the latest Visa documentation and rules.
Club Meeting

Club Meeting - U2CAN Club Meeting is a unique value addition of our organisation.The benefits of this meeting are:

  • All students who are processing convene at one venue along with their parents at least once a month.
  • Experienced speakers from varied fields (bank managers, Forex managers, Insurance advisors & medical advisors etc.), share their perspectives, insights & knowledge.
  • A good opportunity to network & build contacts.
  • A learning ground, students can collect lot of information about different countries.
  • Meet the students who are presently pursuing their studies or working abroad.
  • It is an EXCLUSIVE meeting - only for the enrolled students & their parents.


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