Why Study in Netherlands?

Being a small country, Holland is open to the world and to surrounding countries. Cooperating with other countries is key to being successful for the Dutch. The strong connection between Dutch higher education institutions and the business world creates possibilities for practical assignments and internships to prepare students for a career in an international environment.

The Dutch education system is interactive, student-centered and focused on teamwork, which makes it easy to meet other international students. The teaching method at Dutch higher education institutions is founded on respect for each individual’s opinions and convictions. This respect is a national virtue that characterizes Holland’s diverse and plural society. The method aims to provide students with both the attention and freedom they need to develop their own opinions and creativity in applying new knowledge.

Higher education in the Netherlands is subsidized by the government and helps to keep tuition costs below that of the main study abroad destinations– USA, Australia and the UK. The qualifications will boost you career prospects as well as show you as an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker for choosing a less well-known destination.

The Dutch are a welcoming nation of open minded and tolerant people and you will find a very diverse culture in most cities and their Universities.

The country offers excellent transport links to other European countries which gives you the option of travelling and sight-seeing in other popular destinations such as France and Germany at a low cost during your time there.


There are two Major intakes.

  • January
  • September

Programs Offered:

Study Duration in the Netherlands is similar to other popular study abroad destinations:

Bachelors Degree (BA, B.Sc, B.Eng): 3-4 Years
Masters Degree (MA, MSc, MEng): 1-2 Years

The higher education system in the Netherlands is made up primarily of three different types of institution, each with a unique offering to an international student. These are Research Universities, Universities of Applied Science and Institutes for International Education.

Certain degrees levels are only available from each institution type.
Bachelors: Available at Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences
Masters: Available at all Institution types

The Netherlands is an established and revered seat of higher education with 4 universities in the QS Top 100 Universities 2010/11, those institutions are University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Utrecht University and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Type of institution

Degrees and duration

Research universities

Master of Arts (MA): 1-2 years


Master of Science (MSc): 1-2 years 


Bachelor of Arts (BA): 3 years


Bachelor of Science (BSc): 3 years

Universities of applied sciences

Master (M): 1-2 years 


Bachelor (B): 4 years

Institutes for international

Master of Arts (MA): 1-2 years


Master of Science (MSc): 1-2 years

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